What is Pecha Kucha?

The name “Pecha Kucha” comes from a Japanese phrase that means “the sound of chit chat.”  It was created as a way for people to meet and talk about their ideas.  Presentations are made up of a slideshow of 20 images, with each image shown for exactly 20 seconds.  This 20×20 format makes every presentation 6 minutes and 40 seconds long.  Why was it created this way, you ask?  It keeps presentations short, fast-paced, and entertaining!

Check out this video of a Pecha Kucha presentation that explains what a Pecha Kucha presentation is:

What can people present on?

The key to a great presentation is to present on something you love or feel passionately about. A lot of people use Pecha Kucha presentations to talk about their latest creative ideas, while others share personal stories and life lessons they have learned along the way.  For this year’s IDPD Event, we would like people to have a disability-related theme to their presentations.

Here are a few examples of Pecha Kucha presentations performed at last years event:

  1. Kuen Tang
  2. Ray Royer
  3. Dr. Heidi Janz
  4. Disability Employer Connections (DEC)
  5. Dr. Gary Faulkner


Download our PechaKucha FAQ :  (Click here to download)